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Accelerate AI Literacy and Transformation

SmarterX is an AI research and consulting firm.

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AI Keynotes and Education

We educate and empower leaders to reimagine business models, reinvent industries, and rethink what's possible. 

  • We believe AI will rapidly transform businesses, industries, jobs, the economy, educational systems, and society. The vast majority of professionals and leaders are not prepared for that change.
  • We believe you can build a smarter version of any business through a responsible, human-centered approach to AI.
  • We believe the future of all business is AI native, AI emergent, or obsolete.  
  • We believe AI education and training will be the foundation for success in every organization.
  • Our goal is to Accelerate AI Literacy for All.TM


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Learn Through the Podcast

Tune in each week to The Artificial Intelligence Show with Paul Roetzer (Marketing AI Institute and SmarterX founder and CEO) and Mike Kaput (Marketing AI Institute Chief Content Officer) to get the latest AI news. 

Paul and Mike make AI approachable and actionable by breaking it down for business leaders into three main topics, plus 5 - 10 rapid-fire items. 

You can listen on your favorite podcast network, or watch on the Marketing AI Institute YouTube channel


Inspire Through Keynotes 


SmarterX founder and CEO Paul Roetzer is a renowned international AI speaker having presented 200+ conference keynotes, as well as virtual and in-person private engagements for major brands, agencies, tech companies, investors, non-profits, and schools.

Featured keynotes include:

  • Beyond ChatGPT: How AI Will Transform Your Company and Career
  • The AI-Forward Organization: 5 Essential Steps to Scaling AI
  • The State of AI for Business
  • What’s Next? AI Agents, AGI and Beyond

Keynotes start at $30,000 (includes travel in the continental U.S.).

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Paul Roetzer

Engage Through Workshops

SmarterX offers a collection of workshops designed to engage your teams and accelerate responsible AI adoption and transformation. 

All half-day workshops are personalized for your organization and industry, and feature SmarterX’s proprietary frameworks and templates.

AI Workshops

Workshops include:

  • Applied AI for Practitioners Workshop: Identify and prioritize AI use cases and pilot projects. 
  • AI Innovation Workshop: Move beyond efficiency and productivity use cases, and focus on applying AI to drive innovation and growth through new ideas, products, markets, and business models. 
  • Prompting for Professionals Workshop: Learn the art and science of prompting, and create a collection of template prompts that your teams can immediately apply to their workflows.
  • Strategic AI Leaders Workshop: Analyze and prioritize business problems that may be solved more efficiently, and intelligently, with AI.

Workshops start at $35,000 for a half-day event.

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Advance Through Courses

Scaling AI is a 10-course on-demand series by Paul Roetzer that is designed for business leaders who want to thrive in the age of AI, and help drive AI transformation within their organizations.

Scaling AI is recommended for all business leaders, and everyone involved with their organization’s AI Council.



Courses include: 

  • Course 1: Welcome to the Series
  • Course 2: State of AI for Business
  • Course 3: The AI-Forward Organization
  • Course 4: The AI Council
  • Course 5: The AI Academy
  • Course 6: Generative AI Policies
  • Course 7: Responsible AI Principles
  • Course 8: AI Impact Assessments
  • Course 9: The AI Roadmap
  • Course 10: What’s Next? Agents, AGI, and Beyond

Get Scaling AI for $999 for the first license, and $799 for additional team licenses through July 31, 2024. Enterprise plans are available for teams of 20 or more. 

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Scaling AI

Pursue Mastery through Membership

The AI Mastery Membership is a 12-month subscription that gives you access to all the education, insights, and answers you need to master AI for your company and career. 

Membership includes access to quarterly AI trends briefings, a generative AI masterclass series, Ask-Me-Anything sessions (AMAs), exclusive newsletter, and more to give you and your organization an edge. 

Subscriptions start at $999 per year per member. Enterprise plans are available.

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AI Mastery Membership

Accelerate Innovation through Advisory Services

The SmarterX team is available for a limited number of annual advisory engagements that include:

  • Monthly or quarterly sessions
  • AI Mastery memberships
  • Scaling AI licenses

Advisory sessions can be used for executive meetings, personalized presentations, strategy discussions, AI council meetings, Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, and more.

Advisory engagements start at $120,000 per year.

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AI Advisory Services

Explore through Research

What’s the story of AI? Where are we? Where are we going? What can you do to prepare your organization and people for success?

Stay current on the AI topics that will impact your career and company.

The SmarterX research agenda includes topics related to AI and:

  • Economy 
  • Education 
  • Ethics
  • Future of Work
  • Industries 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Technologies

Research is discussed weekly on the podcast, and periodically published to the blog and newsletter. 

AI research papers

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About SmarterX

SmarterX was introduced by Paul Roetzer in 2022 as the consulting arm of Marketing AI Institute, and spun out as its own company in 2024.

While we offer limited consulting and advisory services, the SmarterX business model is designed to prioritize one-to-many initiatives that affect the largest number of leaders and organizations possible, as quickly as possible. 

SmarterX looks to drive efficiencies, productivity, innovation, and growth in all areas of business, but focuses on marketing, sales, and service as the primary drivers of value creation. 

Marketing AI Institute continues to cater to marketing practitioners and leaders through content, courses and events, including the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON), its flagship annual event. 

Marketing AI Institute and SmarterX are owned and operated by SmarterX Ventures, LLC.